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DESCRIPTION: The Hangge Outte was a result of a friend's personal real-world problem of  not being able to find a place for a group of friends to hang out.

THE CHALLENGE: Find a solution to help friends find a hang out spot that is not an apartment. (Note: The original problem before research is not the actual problem. Keep reading!) 

MY ROLE: UX Designer 

DURATION: 1-week

TOOLS: Pen & Paper, Sketch, InVision

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Finding a place for friends to hang out...

What is the challenge?  Friends cannot find a place to hang out outside of an apartment that meets their needs.


Why does this problem exist?  We needed to find this out...but I empathized with my client, as I was currently experiencing the same issue with my group of friends.

Interview Responses & Findings
There is motivation to find space to hang out other than an apartment.

“We want to get out of the little box we live in and be social”

“I need a space so I can separate work from home”

The ambiance of where friends hangout is SO important

There are restrictions with apartments such as roommates, space, noise-level, and access to food and drinks.

Hanging out at an apartment can be intrusive. Pressure gets put on the host to organize the hangout and clean up the mess afterwards.

"Sometimes friends want to meet up to do work, other times for drinks or for a special occasion, so the hangout spot will always change depending on what we want to do"

People can be indecisive and noncommittal


Friends don’t usually say what they really want

Deciding where to go usually starts with a group text, then no one has any ideas or says “I don’t care, I’m up for anything”



Users use Google, Thrillist, Infatuation, Instagram, and/or Yelp

Sifting through all the options can take forever

Filtering options are what one person wants, but not everyone

Filtering through options is time consuming, unorganized, and not collaborative
What did I learn?


  • Social gatherings at an apartment can pose undue pressure on the host

  • Public gatherings can relieve the inconvenience that come with hanging out at an apartment

  • Public gatherings can offer the comfort and familiarity of an apartment without the hassle, while also providing a group of friends with a new and exciting atmosphere

  • Searching for options often returns too many results which leads to indecisiveness and an inability to commit among friends.

  • It is important to be able to meet the needs/wants of all friends involved

That the problem is not that they can’t find a place because there are actually plenty of options that would meet their needs...
The REAL problem is that there are TOO many options and friends are indecisive.
What does this mean?

Solution should offer a convenient and organized way for friends to collaborate on finding a public gathering location.


Solution should meet the friends’ social needs while alleviating the stress of decision making.


Solution should focus on:


User Testing:  After conducting some user testing with the paper prototype, it was clear that the indecisiveness and inability to commit could still be an issue but that adding a timer feature could help urge users to participate in the selection and ultimately the group can come to a decision more quickly.

There was originally a chat feature that appeared once the final decision was made. The idea was to allow the group to chat and plan other logistics that were not included in the process, but will be necessary details to discuss in order for the hang out to happen (e.g. coordinating rides). I decided to remove the chat feature because it negates the purpose of that app.

Check out screenshots of the prototype below and a clickable prototype here


Users can start a hangout, invite new friends, create a new group, manage groups, view calendar, see saved hang out locations

press to zoom

Organizers can select from pre-made groups (or create a new group) and select a day/time for the hangout

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The app then notifies the group (everyone who ranked, at least) the place where the group decided to hang out (based on ranking results)

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Users can start a hangout, invite new friends, create a new group, manage groups, view calendar, see saved hang out locations

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Convenience & Organization

Decision Making

Narrowing Down Options