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DESCRIPTION: A service design for Home Depot's DIY Depot, a solution that allows Home Depot to provide a space for DIYers to work, encourages engagement and interaction between Home Depot experts and customers, and eliminates the challenges that exist throughout the DIY process.

THE CHALLENGE: Develop a full service design for Home Depot's DIY offering (DIY Depot) with a goal to entice, engage, and encourage customers throughout the DIY process. 

MY ROLE: UX Designer 

DURATION:  3 days

TOOLS: Pen & Paper, Sketch

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You don't have to do DIY all by yourself

What is the challenge?  Home Depot has made a lot of great improvements to its smartphone app and they want to build on that success. As the market leader in home improvement, Home Depot wants to give its customers a tool to help them brainstorm, plan, track, and even document their DIY projects.

What does this problem exist? My co-designer initiated this project by examining the entire DIY Project Lifecycle through user interviews, surveys and contextual inquiry to identify major pain points and motivational factors. 

Themes & Insights:


  • There’s a disconnect between the institution of HD and the free-form nature of DIY

  • Home Depot prides itself on its approachable and knowledgeable employees; however customers feel that employees do not understand their individual problems and needs.  

  • People who have the DIY spirit will accomplish a project no matter the size of the task because they enjoy the empowerment that they get from customizing a project of their own.


The solution my co-designer and her team came up is a mobile application that will empower the DIYer to confidently and successfully complete a project by providing tools and support to navigate unanticipated issues,

while keeping the spontaneous DIY spirit alive.



The next challenge is to approach this problem from a service design perspective

and expand on the concept of “The DIY Depot”


I enthusiastically joined the project and my co-designer and I began to dig deeper into offerings and the endless possibilities with “DIY Depot”

Competitive Analysis 

Researched high end "DIY" services:


  • Customers found that staff were approachable and friendly; could remember their name well after their visit

  • People mentioned that they were offered "the right amount of assistance" and could ask for suggestions or help when needed

  • Customers appreciate when the grunt work is eliminated (set up and clean up)

  • Quality of workshops or experiences depends on the instructor and people really value demonstrations (actually seeing someone do it)

  • Prior to class, customers can review a detailed description so they know exactly what to expect.

This gave us some direction with how to increase customer engagement and improve the approachability of Home Depot staff, while also considering Home Depot's business goals.

Home Depot's business goals: 

  • Provide their expertise in an accessible manner to empower DIYers of all levels

  • Entice customers to return (in return, company will increase revenue)


Mobile App Offerings:

  • Customer customizes DIY project on website or mobile app

  • Introduction to Home Depot expert is made

    • welcomes customer​

    • what to expect

    • toolkit

    • estimations on project duration and cost

  • Conveniently chat or call a Home Depot expert for help and tips that are being done at home

DIY Depot Offerings:

  • Toolkit put together by Home Depot staff and ready for customer

    • eliminates grunt work​

  • Consultation opportunity and expert on duty to assist

    • guidance on project if needed​

  • Customer earns rewards for completing projects

    • keeps customers coming back​

Customer Journey Map
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Physical Space
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