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HR Hackathon Alliance is a global community of HR rebels who believe in the power of human centered design to help solve our most pressing workplace challenges. 

Organizer: Nicole Dessain

Tackling challenges experienced at the front lines of Human Resources. YOU, joining forces with others around the world who want to find solutions to how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting the world of work.

It’s time to fight back! Join #HRvsVirus by contributing your unique skills and perspectives as we come together to design solutions that will impact peoples’ lives and livelihoods.​


My Role: HR & Recruiting Manager


With people working from home, in a panic stricken environment, with everything changing by the second- from a health perspective and from a legislative perspective, we are all feeling a little disconnected. It is hard and yet critical for HR professionals to make meaningful connections and conversation to help maintain the morale of the employees. Employee Experience looks very different at this point. It is a pressing need now.

Problem Statement:

How might we make more meaningful connections with our teams and employees during social distancing?


  • HR teams are finding it challenging to keep employees motivated, productive, and connected during this time.

  • They fear that this could negatively affect employee job performance and impact business

  • The pandemic might be bringing people closer because "we are all in this together" but that will end when the crisis is over.