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Hello! I'm Mackenzie - a creative problem solver who brings interdisciplinary techniques from ux design, human resources, research, and storytelling into shaping experiences for humans. I’m an ambitious self starter, empathetic and a curious lifelong learner.

I craft meaningful human-centric experiences through design. I’m passionate about applying my strategic design thinking skills to creating better workplace solutions and leveraging my background in human resources and user experience design to shape the future of employee experience. 

When not designing, you can find me collecting over-priced candles and drinking under-priced wine, hunting for the best donut in the city,  training our new puppy Lincoln, and working on home design projects with my husband.

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My Story

I kicked off my professional life with a career in HR & Recruiting. I spent years recruiting candidates, staying fresh on industry trends, building relationships, and supporting employees in their careers. Over the five years in this field, I changed companies, faced new challenges, and my skill set expanded. But one thing remained constant: I always used an empathetic approach to solving problems. 


Looking for an opportunity to use my empathy and tap into my artistic creativity, I landed on UX Design. I took the leap and enrolled in General Assembly’s UX Course where I immersed myself in a 10-week program learning the skills surrounding the design thinking process including research, interface design, prototyping, and stakeholder collaboration. Since graduating in 2017, I have worked as a UX Designer for small agencies where I worked on a variety of projects and industries ranging from industrial supplies and real estate to health & wellness and healthcare. UX is more than just making something look pretty - it involves critical thinking, problem solving, research, and strategy. I realized my passion exceeds designing digital solutions - my true passion is to use design to build strategy and create change.


I am a designer, but I am also an employee so I tend to think a lot about my personal workplace experiences. When I think about human resources now, I put my “design hat” on. I believe that UX and service design practices should be applied to the workplace - to assess current states, improve processes and design better experiences for candidates and employees. When design thinking is used to solve problems in the HR space, it is called Employee Experience (EX) Design. EX is the result of organizations becoming intentional about designing every interaction with its employees to foster a deep sense of belonging.  As an EX Designer, I start with empathy to understand the people we know the least about (their emotions, pain points, motivations, etc.) and explore the moments that matter most to bring the "human" back into human resources. ​

You can read more on my journey from HR to UX to EX or  listen to me talk about HR Design on the HR DesignCast podcast.


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